High Quality Nursing Solutions, LLC

"Intelligent Direction and Skillful Execution" - William Foster

Ensuring High Standards for Behavioral Healthcare Companies

Tenecia L. Mason, RN, MA, MEd: Professional Nursing Consultant

Get the right tools for the success of your practice from High Quality Nursing Solutions, LLC in Gretna, Louisiana. I provide expert assessments, guidance, and educational services to healthcare practitioners in various organizations in and around New Orleans. My help is open to staff members in:

  • Behavioral Health Rehab Centers

  • Nursing Home Rehab Departments

  • Mental Health Outpatient Clinics

Areas of Expertise

I provide customized, on-site education and webinar programs to help you thoroughly understand and apply the guidelines set forth by the Department of Health and Hospital (DHH). These guidelines include sources of evidence-based practice requirements, empirical outcome reporting, and document development.

I conduct mock reviews that consistently identify any areas for improvement. This way, I help you achieve highly favorable feedback from DHH members visiting your site. My goal is to hone your leadership skills and develop your confidence when engaging with external reviewers.


My objective is to foster a caring and healing environment in healthcare organizations by educating clients about the Professional Practice Model and evidence-based practice. This way, trainees will be able to deliver culturally competent patient care services. In addition, they will be able to establish compassionate, respectful, and family-centered relationships with the people they serve in the community.


I will continue to assure my clients of professional excellence by helping them embrace the evolving art and science of nursing. I will be passionate in the delivery of seamless evidence-based practice that will produce superior outcomes within the global nursing community.


I give utmost importance to the quality of the service and the safety of methods practiced by nurses. This can be achieved through continual monitoring, evaluation, and development of action plans to meet the evolving demands in the healthcare industry.